Sit Back and Let Us Help You Plan Your Future

Is a career change right for you?

Are you stuck in a job that you KNOW just isn’t right for you? Maybe you’ve found yourself dreading Mondays. Or maybe you’re having a tough time motivating yourself to even wake up and get to work. Or perhaps you’re consistently zoning out on the job and find yourself daydreaming about a new career.

It is never too late to make a career change in your life.

If you’re ready but have no idea where to start, consider these tips to decide if a career change is right for you.

1. Think about your monetary situation

Be honest with yourself. Do you dislike your current job because you don’t get along with your boss, or is it something deeper? If the passion simply isn’t there and you can’t shake that nagging feeling that you’re not where you should be, it’s probably time to start making some moves.

However, before you pack up and quit, consider your finances before you pull the trigger to make a big change. If possible, be sure to save enough money in your current job to cover all of your predicted expenses for three to six months, or for the time that you plan to be studying/training for your career change. Plan for lead time to find a job in your new career to avoid feeling anxiety around expenses while you search for the job of your dreams.

2. Be honest: What are your skills, strengths and weaknesses?

The good news is that you likely have some (if not a LOT) of transferable skills! These are qualities that can be transferred from one job to another. These can range from “excellent communication skills” to “proficient in Excel” or “management experience.”

Being aware of these transferable skills (and which ones you thrive at) can make your career transition much smoother. Consider why employers should take a chance on you and how you can sell your strengths or past experiences as an advantage. This also means considering your weaknesses too. Self-reflection should always be from a positive mindset, and being aware of how you can improve can only benefit you professionally in the long run.


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