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Digital Mindset

The main thing that sets us apart is our digital mindset. We take pride in delivering quality products and services through a process of consultancy and collaboration. Our fresh culture and innovative methods work to create a unique outlook on the industry.


We understand that there is rarely a simple answer to growth and development. We build comprehensive vetting and nurturing systems which ensure that our clients can scale up their marketing and sales efforts intelligently.

Technical Ability

It’s more than landing pages and campaigns. We focus on both design and performance -- it’s not just making a pretty brochure but driving results.


What better way to stimulate growth than by improving conversion rates? We specialize in using inbound marketing sources, which allow clients to migrate away from costly and ineffective lead sources.

Our Company

Generation Marketing is an international full-service marketing agency with offices in Canada, Poland, and Spain. We work to build your brand, create presence, and generate high-quality leads that are connected directly to your sales team.

As a youthful, innovative, and ultra-modern company, Generation Marketing uses a cutting-edge approach to generating high converting leads. This means we use the most sophisticated methods to help you connect live and in real time with your audience. Our decades of experience in the education sector have taught us how to combine proven enrollment strategies with the technical side of creating high-performing landing pages.

We want to ensure that you are using up-to-date best practices to convert customers. Identifying your prospects, mapping their journey, and recognizing engagement opportunities are all important steps in the conversion process—online or offline. Then, working in collaboration with your team, we’ll figure out not only how to find more customers but also the most cost-effective approach to converting them.

Canada’s largest volume education lead vendor now serving the USA, UK and Australia. We bring the Canadian approach with 100% exclusivity for every lead!

Services We Provide

  • High-Quality Lead Generation
  • Sophisticated Software to Increase Conversion Rates
  • Website / Landing Page Building
  • Offshore Development from Europe
  • Campaign Management
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lead generation
we offer a range of affordable leads

As Canada’s largest lead vendor, we have spent years fine-tuning our generation strategies to collect only the highest converting leads. Our proven approach utilizes up-to-date market data and ensures that each lead is serious about going back to school. Unlike other vendors, our strategies have been developed primarily with schools in mind. We have a deep understanding about the motivations and goals of potential students searching for a brighter future.

Offering both Cost-Per-Start (CPS) and Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) packages, we are excited to offer a range of affordable leads and payment plans to ensure that we help meet your budgeting and enrollment goals. Every lead will be search-engine generated to target only the students at the highest converting point of the sales funnel. Without the use of display ads, social media, or outsourced calling lists from other vendors, you’ll receive each lead in real-time; at the exact moment they engage with your brand.

it really is about you
personality assessment

Our new Personality Assessment is the latest and greatest in lead conversion improvement software. It turns out that most underperforming landing pages suffer from two key problems: high bounce rate and low engagement. Our unique Personality Assessment works to solve both of these important issues. Simply put, when a student takes the time to learn about the qualities and traits that will make them successful in college, they are more likely to be converted into a qualified lead. Twice as likely as a matter of fact!

40% of your leads will look elsewhere on the web for education opportunities. So why give them the opportunity to shop around? The Personality Assessment works to hijack your leads, boost their engagement and extend the valuable time needed for your experienced admissions representatives to contact them. We are confident that this software is not only the simplest, but the most effective way to boost brand engagement and conversion.

Learn Our Approach

Acquiring leads is the primary goal for most businesses in this ever-changing technical world. Thus, we provide you with the experience and expertise required to create a successful game plan. By working with you at every step of the way, you’ll not only be confident in the entire process but also informed on the effectiveness of our efforts. Our approach is backwards compared to most traditional marketing companies. Instead of figuring out how to find customers first (traditional marketing), our first step is identifying the best ways to convert them.

This is our process:

  1. Diagnose: The first step is to perform a consultative audit of all digital marketing efforts.
  2. Advise: Based on our collective analysis, we provide you with a personalized and easy to understand tactical solution.
  3. Measure: Finally, we want to use innovative analytics software to best measure performance. With highly measurable insights, we are best suited to optimize your business campaigns.

Embrace the new market
Branded Search Is The Way To Go

When it comes to lead generation, regardless of what field your business is in, what really impacts the bottom line is the efficient use of your marketing channels. As the consumer journey becomes more complex, the way brands generate and nurture leads, needs to change in turn. Instead of casting the widest net you can and “hoping for the best”, it’s important that brands focus on generating only the highest-quality leads possible. From there, guide them down the path towards answering your unique call to action. Keep in mind: how you use a lead generation channel is more important than what type of lead channel you choose.


Search ads can increase brand awareness by 80%


94% of B2B companies say content marketing generates more leads than traditional marketing strategies (Forbes).


One of our main differentiators is attention to detail during the analysis process. We analyze, and then analyze some more. This commitment to understanding the data helps guarantee success in our work every time we go through this iterative process with our clients. Also, Generation Marketing has an unparalleled understanding about how to best adapt strategies every step along the way.

We use the best resources available to mine your data and develop creative solutions that deepen the connection between you and your clients. All with our global and digital-driven team, we’ll help you navigate an increasingly competitive marketplace. Whether in finance, automotive, education, or any other vertical...we got you.

We are a global network with representatives in seven countries and operating in four languages.

Three Amazing Approaches - One Low Price!

Personality Assessment

Our sophisticated Personality Assessment is the conversion improvement software that every school needs. By “hijacking” each and every lead that engages with your website, our tool works to strengthen engagement, extend session duration, and maximize the likelihood of enrollment. By the time each potential student has completed the Personality Assessment, they are primed and ready for your admissions team to seal the deal!

Web Leads

We only use the most leading edge, sophisticated, and innovative methods to generate web leads. All leads are search engine generated. No display, social media, or demographic suggested marketing strategies are ever used. This means that all leads start out with the prospect actually searching to go to school. We don’t buy any calling lists and we certainly don’t buy leads from other vendors or affiliates. We work entirely independently without the partnerships of other lead generation companies. Every lead is generated in house by our local team in Canada for Canadian schools and U.S. team for our U.S. schools.

Campaign Management

Struggling with attracting traffic to your landing pages? We can help. Our team of campaign strategists and web developers are experts in getting your websites to the top of the search engine. Using industry-leading Search Engine Marketing Strategies, we can help to generate more traffic and more leads to your landing pages. And we won’t stop there. Traffic is meaningless if your site can’t effectively qualify leads. Our developers can assist with all aspects of website design. When it comes to convincing calls-to-action, eye-catching graphics, and fast load speeds, we can help to give your website the makeover it needs!

We help you help yourself!
Landing Page and Website Design

Do you need fresh and effective landing pages? Want to increase the volume of the leads that you generate yourself? We make extremely effective websites and landing pages that are strictly geared towards converting your website traffic into leads. We have a standardized approach that we don’t waver from. Our template, our design, your logos, your content, your colours. This is our recipe for your success. One standard price package includes main page and all individual program pages, form posting, data validation and secure storage on our server if desired. The best part? Our speed. You could have a brand-new, fully functioning website as soon as 14 days from now!

Are you ready to power your inbound marketing programs to generate qualified leads and nurture sales opportunities?

What Our Clients Say About Us

  • We have been working with Martin for over 6 years. It has been both exciting and a pleasure to watch the company grow lead volumes with an innovative and fresh approach focus on increasing conversions. Generation Marketing truly cares about the end to end conversions all the way from lead to student. It is a very fast and responsive company that goes beyond our expectations on a regular basis to work with us to grow our student population. The personal attention and constant contact from the company keeps both sides engaged and working together towards our common goal.

    Barry Masellis

    Vice President, Marketing
    Campus Support

  • What I like most about Generation Marketing is the constant search for the next best thing. The company is obsessed about how their leads convert at our schools. Many other vendors don’t even ask. They continue to provide all kinds of support to help us convert by engaging our team and sharing best practices by visiting our campuses on a frequent basis. Their call centre regularly calls our older leads that they have already sold us to try to revive them and live transfer them to us. They are certainly viewed as a partner versus just another vendor.

    Peter Dykstra

    VP, Career College Group
    Medix College & North American Trade Schools


  • Academy_of_Hair_Passion
  • Academy_of_Learning
  • Anderson_College
  • Arizona_School
  • Australian_Institute_of_Business
  • Automotive_Training_Centres
  • Bryan_University
  • Canadian_Business_College
  • Canadian_Career_College
  • Canadian_College_of_Business_Science_and_Technology
  • Canadian_College_of_Technology_and_Business
  • Career_City_College
  • CDI_College
  • Eastern_College
  • Eton_College
  • Evergreen_College
  • Florida_Career_College
  • Gates_College
  • International_Business_University
  • Kings_College
  • MCG_Career_College
  • Medix_College
  • Metro_College_of_Technology
  • Modern_College
  • National_Academy
  • New_Castle_School_of_Trades
  • North_American_Trade_School
  • Oxford_College
  • Passion_Beauty_Academy
  • Quest_University
  • Reeves_College
  • Robertson_College
  • Selc_College
  • Skilled_Trades_College_of_Canada
  • Story_Institute
  • sundance_College
  • The_Canadian_Academy_of_Dental_Health
  • Toronto_Film_School
  • Trillium_College
  • Trios_College
  • UEI_Collegre
  • Vancouver_Career_College
  • Visual_College_of_Art_and_Design


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